Small Entrepreneurs


BJC observes the impact COVID-19 present on the supply chain, especially on small entrepreneurs and farmers, which have negative effects on the company’s business and societies. Therefore, BJC strives to support business operations of small entrepreneurs and farmers through various activities, ensuring the survival of all parties.  


1. “Keang Kang Kaset Thai”


Big C directly buys over 7,500 tons of shrimps, snapper, and tilapia from farmers and aquaculture operators, providing a source of income for farmers, while simultaneously alleviating the surplus product supply as a consequence from COVID-19.



2. Support small and medium enterprises (SMEs)


Big C Fresh Food Department buys and support small and medium enterprise partners, designating display space, sorted into categories in the fresh food department under the SMEs category.



3. Provide areas to support activities in Big C for government agencies to help and promote community development


  • Fresh market to showcase provincial commercial agricultural products, helping farmers affected by COVID-19 in Khon Kaen and Nakhon Pathom provinces.
  • OTOP products of Community Development Office to promote communities products in Lopburi and Krabi provinces



4. Big C collaborated with Department of Internal trade Ministry of Commerce to promote shrimp consumption campaign


Under the “Big C Ronarong lae Songserm Karn BoripogGung lae Arhard talay phur chuilua kaset” procures high quality, fresh, clean, and safe shrimp to sell at Big C to alleviate loss of income of farmers and help as a distribution channel for consumers to buy fresh, clean and safe shrimp direct from farmers.    



5. Big C assists Thai farmers in collaborate with the Department of Internal trade, and the Ministry of Commerce to sign an MOU to drive fruit management measure in 2021


Regarding offline/online sales and distribution to support farmers, paralleled with promoting fruit consumption during a period where there is an abundance of products available to the market. Last year BJC operate in accordance with the “Puen ti dee khong kaset takorn Thai” policy, which plays a role in purchasing seasonal fruits directly from farmers, in addition to allocating space to display and distribute fruit products direct to consumers, supporting a sustainable economic foundation.