Joint Success - We collaborate with business partners and suppliers throughout the supply chains and we step towards sustainable success together.


BJC addresses the importance of driving the economy with business operations that are in accordance with internal good governance, business continuity plan, efficient supply chain management and quality products and services. These factors reflect through business operations and customer satisfaction. Therefore, BJC needs to develop a management approach and projects in order to respond effectively to the current economic situation.



BJC has continuously developed advanced technology to produce better products and services, ensuring adequate quality products and services are offered to customers. Many online channels have been implemented to serve the demand of customers so that businesses can continue to run efficiently. BJC places the highest priority on risks and crisis management, supply chain management, occupational health and safety, product quality and safety including managing relationships with customers so that BJC and our supply chains can continue to grow sustainably.

Corporate Governance & Transparency
Risk and Crisis Management
Sustainable Supply Chain Management
Innovation Management
Information Technology & Security
Product Quality & Safety
Health and Nutrition
Customer Relationship Management
Tax Management
External Contributions