Joint Success - “A Well-managed Internal System, not only Improves the Quality, Safety & Personalization of Products, but also Fosters Brand Transparency and Governance, Increasing the Living Quality for People, resulting in a Seamless Operation, creating a Positive Impact and Value for All Stakeholders, Leading to Joint Success for All”


Berli Jucker Public Company and Subsidiaries (“BJC Group”) is dedicated to conduct business operations in a transparent, accountable and secured manner, ensuring that BJC operate in accordance with good business ethics and moral standards, making ethical decisions, to align the interests of all relevant stakeholders to the companies. This commitment derived from a strong believes that good corporate governance and business ethics is the foundation to a strong and successful business operations, integrating the principles of fairness, accountability, responsibility, transparency, which reflect the respect of stakeholders' rights. Together with sustainability throughout day-to-day operations, allowing for an effective identification, mitigation andmanagement of potential corruption, fraud, briberies and other business violations, safeguarding corporate trusts, credibility, fostered through a corporate wide good corporate governance culture and effective monitoring and reporting channels. On the other hand, it helps avoid financial loss from fines, penalty throughout all operations in the supply chain. In addition, good corporate governance also safeguards against potential environmental and social violations (such as human rights), ensuring that all operations uphold the same high standards of operations, free from sustainability violations. These are implemented through a clear focus on material issues, including Risk and Crisis Management, Sustainable Supply Chain Management, Technology, Innovation and R&D, Customer Engagements, Cybersecurity and Data Privacy, and Product Health, quality, Safety and Nutrition, in addition to strict compliance with applicable tax requirements. 



Corporate Governance, Business Ethics and Anti-Corruption Practices
Risk and Crisis Management
Sustainable Supply Chain Management
Innovation Management
Cybersecurity and Data Privacy
Product Quality & Safety
Health and Nutrition
Customer Engagement
Tax Management
External Contributions