Caring for CommunityWe care about our employees, customers and society, supporting everyone to live together happily


Berli Jucker Public Company and Subsidiaries (“BJC Group”) has always place great importance on the health, safety, and well-being of people, through a firm believe that people are the heart of all success, which enabled BJC to continuously achieve sustainable growth within the new market environment. This is achieved through various focused programs and initiatives, implemented to identify, address and improve potential risks and opportunities related to human rights, employee management, employee development and occupational health and safety throughout the supply chain. This resulted in the creation of an inclusive and diverse workplace for all individuals, which are positive and safe for all individuals, improving employee morale, engagements, and loyalty. Furthermore, BJC also emphasize on accurate compliance with applicable occupational health and safety to safeguard the health and safety of all employees, reducing injury frequency rates for both employees and contractors in the workplace.  



In addition, BJC's prioritization of people also extends to surrounding communities and societies, implemented through continuous and transparent support of local communities. BJC routinely engages with local communities and its respective representatives as BJC strives to achieve a balance between philanthropic funding and implementation of community development projects to foster sustainable support to local communities. Throughout 2021, BJC continued to support community needs through various educational projects, such as ConnextEd Project, Library for Kids Project and Scholarship Projects, offering opportunities to students in need. Finally, BJC also actively provide supports to Governmental projects, which aims to reduce economic inequality. These includes projects to assist during crisis such as natural disasters and the continued outbreak of COVID-19. 



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