Caring for CommunityWe care about our employees, customers and society, supporting everyone to live together happily


BJC has always placed great importance on people. Whether it is our valuable employees, the communities we operate in, or the wider society fostering our business, BJC recognizes the necessity to continuously develop them.

In the world of rapid transformation of aging demographics and increase in competition, BJC is required to focus evenmore on attracting and retaining talented employees, streamlining our workforce acquisition process through digital platforms, and supporting employees' career development and welfare. We also empower our employees, advocating for diversity, equality and adherence to human rights principles. In addition, we are proudly recognized by local authorities for our proper occupational health and safety standards and practices.

As for the public, we support local communities in achieving social cohesion. Regarding our long-term vision concerning our engagement with local communities, BJC embraces the balance between philanthropic funding and community development project implementation to sustainably support the public. We continue to support various educational schemes including our ConnextEd Project, Library for Kids Project and Scholarship Projects, offering opportunities to students in need. We support government projects aiming to reduce economic inequality including assistance for the crisis of COVID-19 outbreak. Each project echoes our determination to positively contribute to communities, society, and the nation.



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